CLEPSYDRA (password: clepsydra)
2’ 28’’, color, 16/9, mixed (analog synths, raster scan, hearn videolab), 2019
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

Clepsydra is an experimental videodance piece.
The title is inspired by a core segment, where the use of a scan processor, e.g. Rutt Etra,
becomes dominant, compared to the other analog video synthesizers used to manipulate the original footage.
The body reveals its fluid nature encapsulated inside an hectic hourglass,
something between a lotus flower and a vortex. Tempus fugit. Clepsydra etymologically
means stealing water and it was one of the first timepiece by which time was measured
by a flow of dripping liquid. The structure of an hourglass informed the composition
of the work, which is a split screen, with a triplicated and also mirrored body.
The clepsydra, historically depicted as two mirrored triangles joined at their apex,
was a symbol of the feminine but also a metaphor of the complementary nature of life and death.

Clepsydra is my brand new multi channel work, part of a series of choreographies for machines,
I have been creating in the last couple of years. A minimal choreographic sequence
for a solo performer is processed with diverse analog video synthesizers, each of them adding diverse
textured layers to the body of the choreography: each synth conveys different augmented meaning to the tasks
of the original choreography. For these sequences a scan processor similar to the Rutt Etra,
but developed by Dave Jones and powered by Signal Culture,
was mainly used to manipulate the footage in real time. The image of the hour glass
was emerging after the real time manipulation, like a revelation.

Performer: Annamaria Ajmone
Soundtrack: HATCP, Do, Enklav label

Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, TV (IT) 2019