8′ 22”, color, 16/9, HD, stop motion, 2016
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

I conceived an installation for a luxury hotel in Venice, the Metropole.
You can see the video in their homepage here.
The consultancy, part of the Alta Gamma Ca’ Foscari project, ended up with a video
exhibited from 25th May 2016 in their hall, with some highlights on their peculiar
collections of antiques (fans, corkscrews, evening bags, visiting card cases)

The title is a quote from Brodskij’s Watermark.
The protagonist is an eye that moves in a double landscape: inside/outside, between Venice and the belly of a Palazzo;
The eye meets the Time, suspended or accelerated, in the mysterious Metropole; awakening ancient
inanimate objects in a dreamy spyral, melting with them, mirrored, it gets lost to find itself again:
“it’s your own heart, or else your mind, that sinks; the eye pops up to the surface”.
An eye that loses itself through maps designed to get lost and this allows it to echo and relive the intrinsic
labyrinth of the city on the lagoon. The eye reflects itself in the Metropole, a mirror of Venice.
It’s us, this game of reflections and juxtapositions. “Because we go and beauty stays.” (Brodskij, Watermark).