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3′ 57”, color, 4/3, frame by frame cel animation (1077 hand drawings), 2012
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

Official videoclip for Universal Sex Arena, from their album “Women will be girls”, 2013

Inspired by Ruskin’s Stones of Venice and on an idea of a city with an amphibious nature, as Brodskij and Calvino depicted it, trying to convey an ambivalent mysterious love suspended between memory and desire. 1077 drawings have been scanned and edited; details and cameos of Venice, of little hints honoring its art history (Tintoretto, Lotto..), in the depths of its architecture, its rare views: Devil’s bridge in Torcello, Honest Woman foundation, Bovolo stairway, Camerlenghi capital. Venice is a fish it is said.
The fish was the symbol of mother earth, the womb of femininity and fertility, before becoming a christian icon.
Here it is reinvented as an octopus, whose ancient greek etymology means with many feet; are you not thinking of Venice?
This octopus was a tribute to femininity then, with a bit of irony.

Featured On/Screenings:
Frizzifrizzi Magazine (IT), 2014
Liquid vision c/o Fondamenta 3.0, Venice (IT), 2014
Spazio Barnum, Bologna (IT), 2014
Euganea Film Festival, Padua (IT), 2013
Altsounds (USA), Video premiere, 2012

Lyrics by Nicola Stefanato

You tell me “solo tu”
trading your love, my “vita”
waves of men greet your docks
wearing the scars of your sweet works

come on, my name is your song again
men read their lives through your places
the sea keeps tempo,
lazy tides of crescendo

you’re all the cities where life’s the sun
today and tomorrow
cheating your strangers, you save their souls

on the pull like a gun
hiding the sun
perfect your shape of time
the sweat of love can’t keep our minds cool
so we move with the inferno