5′ 19”, color, 4/3, VHS footage and frame by frame animation, 2014
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

This is a little teaser for this website, with soundtrack by Borful Tang, solo project of Dominic Cramp,
from Herd and Unheard, on Gigante Sound, 2010 (track: Xevious).
It is a manifesto with a sample based ethics/aesthetics, meant to be a tribute,
through a loop of in/direct quotes by some of my great sources of inspiration.

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George Bataille, Le gros orteil, 1929

La vie humaine comporte en fait la rage de voir qu’il s’agit d’un mouvement
de va-et-vient de l’ordre à l’idéal et de l’idéal à la ordure,
rage qu’il est facile de passer sur un organe aussi bas qu’un pied.

[Human life entails, in fact, the rage of seeing oneself as a back and forth movement
from refuse to the ideal, and from the ideal to refuse,
a rage that is easily directed against an organ as base as the foot]

Silver Apples, Program, 1968

…the flame is its own reflection…

[“Randomly throwing the dial back and forth and hitting the different stations
was part of the concept of that song.” Simeon]

Guy Debord, In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, 1978

… a reprendre depuis le début… [to be gone through again from the beginning]
Il n’y aura pour moi ni retour ni réconciliation. La sagesse ne viendra jamais.
[For me there will be no turning back and no reconciliation. No wising up.]
[Final caption and voice over with a zoom out from an odd deserted Venice lagoon]

Moebius aka Jean Giraud, Venise Celeste, 1984

Van McElwee, Double flame, 1979

Jean Painlevé, L’Hippocampe, 1934

Dominic refers to:
Xevious, by Atari, 1982

[First game with vertical scrolling, no levels, palette shifting to render a sense of animation,
joystick to open fire and a visual quote to the Nazca lines,
arcane ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Perù]

The Conversation,1974. Sound: Walter Murch

[A conversation between a couple surrounded by a cacophony
of background noise in San Francisco Union Square is bugged, recorded on tapes,
then merged and filtered into a sound recording in which the words themselves become crystal clear,
but their actual meaning remains ambiguous]

Featured On/Screenings:
Solstitium for SnaXeS, Puntocroce, Venice (IT), 2016
Juliet Art Magazine, Studio (IT), 2016
Villa NO, Brescia (IT), 2014
Frizzifrizzi Magazine (IT), 2014
Spazio Barnum, Bologna (IT), 2014