This is a project I developed during an artist residency at Frans Masereel Centrum, in a workshop with Printroom from Rotterdam.

We were asked to think, design and realize a flipbook.

Since I am working on a long term animation on colors, I decided to focus on the light spectrum in a conceptual way.
Frans Masareel Centrum is especially well known for their Print Lab, with great facilities and instruments.
They also have a Risograph so I decided to print my flipbooks this way.


My idea was to create a RISO pantone, differing from CMYK printing.
(Risograph does not conform to a pantone standard, which I found interesting and even Karin de Jong of Printroom).
I printed using 3 colors, yellow, blue and bright red, after having created a grey-scale layouts with different gradient for each layer.
I just wanted to experiment in color mixing as result of printing one layer over an another one.
[Thanks to Ruby Rossiter and Cristina Torres for their support]


I loved the tactile quality of it and I finally cut, fold and bind several flipbooks.
The idea was to present them as prototypes at the Rob Pruitt’s flea market in Venice.
Giving a chance to other people to create their own flipbooks, adjusting personal color sequences.