16’ 12’’, color, 16/9, HD, Italia, 2011
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

This performance by Alberto Orietti was inspired by Diohandi’s BEYOND REFORM,
a site-specific installation (sound design by Stefanos Barbalias) for the Greek Pavilion (54th Venice Biennale).
It was filmed by Sara Bonaventura in situ, as a tribute to Diohandi and her homeland.

Coming into light. The performer is a human being, but also an animal, a larva, there in the water, amniotic waters. The trembling belongs to the maternal pain and the newborn trauma. There is a growing. A path towards light; blind at the beginning, like the framing on corners. Then the womb, the life opens up with the movements of the “danza sensibile”, starting to walk, run, rise, reflect itself. This reflection is not a narcissistic gaze (there is no mirror) but a glimpse on the fleeting human essence. A natural passage before eventually entering the light, leaving the shadow apart.

Spazio Barnum, Bologna (IT), 2014
Maremetraggio, for MYMOVIESLIVE! (IT), 2013
IX AGON Festival, Athens (GR), 2012
MAD Prize, Vieste (IT), 2012