2’ 45’’, color, 16/9, analog synths and wobbulator, 2018
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

If you look at her while she stares at you the circle bends.
Official video for Samara Lubelski Circle Bends from her solo LP Flickers at the Station out on Drawing Room Records.
It was shot in Italy and processed in the US with wobbulator and analog equipment (Hearn Videolab Analog Processing System,
Jones four channel analog colorizer, Eurorack & Jones MVIP modules), during a residency at Signal Culture, NY.
The model is the Italian photographer Arianna Lerussi.

Featured On/Screenings:
VAST LAB experimental festival, Burbank – California (US), 2019
Here Comes Everybody, Experimental Public Access show, Broadcast in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Portland,
Olympia, Seattle, Waukegan IL, North Liberty IA & Ithaca NY (US), 2018
Musictory, the Music Directory (IT), 2018
Tiny Mix Tape, Video Premiere, 2018

Circle Bends

slipping towards the golden glance
stripes of silver, furrowed brow
have you seen the hollowed state
driven snow, driven rain

ch: momentary golden run
spring visions have you known
in the call, laying long
spring visions, have you none/known?

misty wipe out at the fall
beauties disappeared before
many shades, the tones so rare
did they take you, take you there?

spinning tales through colored glass
sorrow, whimsy, times before
circles bend, bend to none
did they take you, take you there?