The project was part of Progetto ICCS, M.A.C.lab.
An action research at LAGO SpA.

The core of the research was LAGO Community Table format, which is not just the design object.
LAGO developed a layered system from production to retail, a kind of philosophy. Here their manifesto.
The Community Table, which is also an item of their Air products’ line, is a good example.
Transcending the concreteness of its wildwood version, it envisions a relational idea of design.
A table which is an activator of connections, a hub of diverse experiences.


At the end of this research I filmed and edited a video in stop motion.
The main idea was to create an “analog software” displaying the space of possibilities around this table.
I chose stop motion because it was consistent with what this table seems to convey:
a sense of patient artisan care and immediate appeal to the senses, with a touch of irony.

It was screened at Appartamento LAGO in Brera, Milan, during the Design Week where
they were presenting their brand new Talking Furniture; and during the opening days
of the exhibit “Time table, A tavola nei secoli”, at Palazzo Madama, Turin.

A_tavola_nei secoli_Torino

During the research we conceived also a series of events at Herion, a former church in Giudecca Island, Venice.
In one of them we invited the city to realize a big table cloth for the Community Table in a coupe of hours.
People were asked to bring a piece of textile they were fond of, telling the story of it in front of a cup of tea.
It was a little moment of public art, where the importance was not finalized to the final product, but in its relational quality.
The project got a special mention and was displayed at the exhibition “The Tablecloth – Identity of a table”
at Quadreria Bovara Reina in Malgrate, Lecco, held by Soroptimist.