Sara Bonaventura: Diapason – ZAZ Corner from ZAZ10TS on Vimeo.

different versions, color, 9/16, HD, 2020
Directed and processed by Sara Bonaventura
9/16 for FRAMED* The Canvas Reimagined ー A Platform For New Art Forms

dia pasōn (khordōn) ‘through all’
The title recalls a sort of resonator; a wobulator, a portmanteau word of wobble and oscillator,
a modified monitor first prototyped by Nam June Paik, has been used to process a new choreography,
responding to low and high pitch frequencies. The body of the performer is a node,
in a state of estrangement within the self, but so capable of creating an engaging sense,
outside of the self. Resonating and tuning with the space surrounding it.

Featured on
ZAZ Gallery, Times Square public screening, Manhattan, NYC, 2020
FRAMED* Gallery, 2020