0’ 48’’, color, 4/3, mixed (analog synths, Dave Jones scan processor), 2019
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

Super short conceptual remake, inspired by Jack Goldstein’s The jump.

I did not use rotoscope to isolate the background like him, but I tried to flatten it
with analog synthesizers, in particular a scan processor.
The subject is not really jumping, but the frames are jumping
till the subject dissolves, suspended in between.
I tried to keep a similar color palette and texturality, using analog colorizers.
The raster scan and the colorizer were powered by Signal Culture, NY and created by Dave Jones.
The format is 4/3, like Goldstein 16mm and the output of the analog equipment used to process it.
Performer: Annamaria Ajmone
Soundtrack: HATCP, Do – used by permission

Featured On/Screenings:
Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, the Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Manitoba (CA), 2019