I was commissioned to film this little adv for a spring/summer 2015 capsule collection of Italian brand Blocco 31, part of Cinti Group.

1′ 21”, color, 16/9, HD, stop motion, 2015
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

The incipit is an expression of a secret desire.
Flowerize yourself through these shoes, moved by stop motion,
becoming protagonists of little epiphanies, alchemic transformations,
a sort of phantasmagoric catwalk, a series of magic chains, made with analog tricks.
Little symbolical objects are popping out from the shoes, odd food to enter a dreamy world,
among them the origami of the title, the key for the entire story and the main key of the soundtrack.
These shoes make you fly, for a perfect camouflage with the springtime nature.