6′ 21”, color, 4/3, VHS footage and cutout animation, 2009
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

Official video for Carla Bozulich with Evangelista, from the the album “Prince Of Truth”, on Constellation Records – 2009

The dull life of a dragonfly, a prehistoric archetype. Born in water, spending most of her life as a larva,
to end up her long metamorphosis in a death-bird’s mouth. Heavy light as human life.
Dedicated to my sister Serena.

Featured On/Screenings:
Percezioni Festival, Casteltermini, Sicily, (IT), 2016
Artnoise Magazine (IT/ENG), 2014
Frizzifrizzi Magazine (IT), 2014
Spazio Barnum, Bologna (IT), 2014
Visionaria, Siena (IT), 2012, 2010

Lyrics by Carla Bozulich

Tremble dragonfly With your mirror eye
tremble on me. Dusty green wings.
Wicked flying thing. Wicked Flying Thing.
Wicked flying thing. tremble flying thing.

We went off one salty spring
Knocking down and burning everything
slippin through the night wheel to the light
Everybody wants to pin you down

Tremble dragonfly with yr mirror eye
Tremble on me touch me with yr wing
Wicked flying thing wicked flying thing
Wicked flying thing wicked flying thing

Rub yr dust all over. fingers dirty with you.
Touching on my skin you’re at it again.
Tremblin in my hands lighting up my skin.
I will let you win.

Dusty wing span moving so fast
Still it stained itself like a church Glass
dipped in dirty sound never touch the ground
everybody wants to pin you down