41′ 43” (also 30′ version), color, 16/9, mixed media & techniques
(VHS+HD, IR camcorder, webcams, optical feedbacks, magnifying/lenticular lenses), 2013
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

Visuals for Ultra Magnetic Crystal Bleed, an a/v set by Von Tesla

A post-digital dea ex machina gives birth to an uncanny world full of glitches, feedbacks, echoes of vhs signals encoded in bits and flashy squirt: a post apocalyptic land that shines and glows. Where magma, anagram of gamma, which is as fluid as the digital, flows and spills over. Gamma rays expand. Beyond the screen. Liquid crystals crack and bleed. The inside goes outside. The sky is an upturned abyss, where everything begins again.
Premiere at Node festival, here above reported by Roberto Dinale. see also teasers at the bottom the page

Share festival, Bunker, Turin (IT), 2015
Occulto Fest, West Germany, Berlin (DE), 2014
Villa No, Brescia (IT), 2014
SpazioAereo/Pulse#211, Venice (IT), 2014
roBOt Festival, Bologna (IT), 2013
Node Festival, Modena (IT), 2013
and more…