This website domain was chosen interviewing around 400 people.
They were asked to choose between a range of five possibilities:

Besides my friends, I interviewed mostly musicians and artists.
(Just to name a few well known who voted: Helios Creed, Laurie Spiegel,
Makoto Kawabata and Hiroshi Higashi of Acid Mother Temple, J.D.Emmanuel,
Jad Fair, Mark Shippy of US Maple, Thalia Zedek, Carla Bozulich, Chris Corsano,
C Spencer Yeh, Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young, Johh Duncan, Bill Kouligas, Rabih Beani,
Arrington de Dionyso, Daniel O’ Sullivan, Aura of Mater Suspiria Vision,
Suzy Poling, Sabrina Ratté, Liz Larsen, Carsten Nicolai and many more)

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They had been reached via email/fb or we just talked together after gigs.
I kept a record of all the preferences, stating that I would have bought
the first domain name reaching 100 votes, that was:
the dot com was no longer available so I picked up the dot it
(damned you pranksters of the web mktg!)

The second most voted was, with 80 preferences.
So I decided to open up this blog on a tumblr page with that name
while building up the very first version of this website,
also thanks to a few tech suggestions by amazing Fabio Perletta.
I try to keep them both quite updated… as far as
my very basic coding knowledge allows me to.

I had always been very uncertain about domain names.
I only knew I wanted to play around with my first name’s etymology, SaRa,
the daughter of Ra, with an assonance that mostly everybody noticed
with beloved Sun Ra and I am glad a name was chosen by chance.

That’s all folks!