different versions, color, 16/9, HD and 1200 painted frames (rotoscope)
Site specific version screened in Hong Kong, on a 4 x 16 m split screen, 2019
Directed by Sara Bonaventura
Soundtrack by Marco Giotto
Poster art by Ester Grossi see below!

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” R. Buckminster Fuller

Chronoscope is apparently an entropic way to see the past,
but what if the past tells us more about the future than we usually think?
We are now in a point where we should just take a step back.
Ephemeralization is not the answer maybe, but this ephemeral symbol, the butterfly,
stands for self-organizing, self-regulated, self-sufficient – but never fixed or rigid – systems in nature.

Featured On/Screenings:
Tah-e-sh, curated by Ludwigstraße 60 HBKsaar, Saarbrücken (DE), 2021
UNCG International Sustainability Shorts Film Competition, Greensboro (US), 2021
Big or Bigggest, curated by 90seconds for the Wrong Biennale, Den Frie, Copenhagen (DE), 2019
CosmiX II, at The Pink Flamingo, Neuilly Plaisance, Paris (FR), 2019
Sino x Niio Illumination Art Prizes 2018/9, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and the Empire Centre, Hong Kong, 2019
CosmiX Experimental Cinema, Xóm Bắc Cầu – Cultural Space, Hanoi, (VT) 2019
Macro Asilo w MiamiNMF, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Rome (IT), 2018
Miami New Media Festival, Concrete Space, Miami (US), 2018
Persistence, CUNY, New York City (US), 2018
Other Cinema – New Experimental Works, Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco (US)
SIMULTAN Festival, Timisoara (RO), 2017
LFF, Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago (IT), 2017
Images contre nature, Videodrome 2, Marseille (FR), 2017
World of nature, Anthology Film ArchivesNewFilmmakers NY, NYC (US), 2017
Artribune, Dal bruco alla farfalla (e viceversa). La decrescita felice secondo Sara Bonaventura, (IT), 2017
Ziguline, Chronoscope | Sara Bonaventura e la decrescita felice, (IT), 2017
Art Vibes, Sara Bonaventura – CHRONOSCOPE, (IT), 2017
Fare Film, Chronoscope di Sara Bonaventura all’ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, (IT), 2017
Ibrida, Festival delle arti intermediali, Forlì (IT), 2016
Cinema Teatro Politeama c/o NoPlace 3 & 49th Premio Suzzara, Suzzara – MN (IT), 2016



paradox | metamorphosis | reversible irreversible | butterfly effect | chaos theory
eco- prefix form oikos = home –> ecology | eco noum from echo | tomorrow’s past |
bergsonian déjà vu | unbirthday | entropy | degrowth | ephemeralization | fragility |
becoming animal | chiasm | vice versa | timescape | multiverse | meta-universe