6’ 01’’, color, 16/9, HD, 2014
Directed by Sara Bonaventura

This is a tribute to Helios Creed; my favorite song from his solo works: Sister Sarah, from Boxing the Clown (1990, Amphetamine Reptile).
It’s also an indirect tribute to Half Machine Lip Moves (1979), one of the greatest albums ever, by Edge/Helios’ band Chrome.
While chatting with Helios he suggested a great western movie by Don Siegel related to this song and its lyrics.
Well, that ain’t a proper source but I could’n help getting inspired by the alter ego of a fake nun.
Going along with my Doppelgänger. The double is one.
Dizzy effects are by crossed polarizers, mirrors and lenticular lenses.
No digital effects a part from superimpositions.
Animation is frame by frame, either drawn or stop motion.
Random moiré is therefore.

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Featured On/Screenings:
Solstitium for SnaXeS, Puntocroce, Venice (IT), 2016
Yuria Festival, Vinyl Microstore, Athens (GR), 2014
Nebbia d’oro, c/o Simone Piva, Padua (IT), 2014
The Italo Job (IT), 2014