30′, SD, color, 4/3, analog video synth: MVIP module, Jones colorizers, wobbulator, 2017
Analog processing and digital editing by Sara Bonaventura

Soundtrack by Von Tesla, Colossus – bonus track of Raised by Clear Acid vinyl version
released by Boring Machines

After looking through a book about hurricane and flood in town, in Ahwaga, Iroquois name of Owego (NY),
during my residency at Signal Culture, I decided to film the river with its ice blocks
and process the short takes in studio, with video synths, colorizers, wobulator…
A bit like in structural films, very subjects are not these melting frozen blocks,
but the loop of dissolutions of video-matter strata itself, “like a language where nouns referring to stillness
are carried away by pure becoming, describing the dynamism of the pure event”. Eudosia Di Costanzo

Special thx to Signal Culture!

Featured On/Screenings:
AXW, Applied Systematics, curated by Lili White, NYC, 2020
Overture, c/o Simone Piva, Padua (IT), 2017