15’ 41’’, color, 16/9, HD, 2020
Directed by Sara Bonaventura
Video Premiere on FACT Magazine

Official video for Camilla Pisani’s track
From FACT:
Mesmerising experiments in analog audiovisual synthesis.

Back in 2017 artist and filmmaker Sara Bonaventura began an ongoing project bringing together
vintage analog video synthesis and electronic music composed using analog synthesisers.

Initially joining forces with Caterina Barbieri, the first chapter of the project, As if the color
was looking at you, features footage of choreographer Annamaria Ajmone manipulated using voltage
controlled oscillators and patches, resulting in a mesmerising, multicolour triptych.

For the project’s second instalment Bonaventura has collaborated with Camilla Pisani, an audiovisual
artist and analog synthesist based in Rome, setting another sequence of manipulated footage of
Ajmone’s movements against Pisani’s seething, exploratory epic, ‘I’ve Never Been Able To Wedge
My Smiles And My Panic Attacks’.

Bonaventura employs a variety of vintage analog video synthesisers, including the Rutt/Etra scan
processor, a Jones coloriser and a Hearn Videolab video synth, to create multiple layers of
analog effects, highlighting, blurring and at times disfiguring the form of Annamaria Ajmone’s movements.

Featured On/Screenings:
Open Screening, ATA Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco (US), 2021
FACT Magazine, Series – Audiovisual – Best of 2020
Ravers Heaven, Sara Bonaventura & Camilla Pisani experiment with analog audiovisual synthesis, 2020
Ozclubbers, Sara Bonaventura & Camilla Pisani experiment with analog audiovisual synthesis, 2020
FACT Magazine, Series – Audiovisual Short films from some of the world’s best audiovisual artists, Video Premiere, 2020