My little pill is among the finalists of this call by Rome Galleria Nazionale
inspired by the work of the Italian feminist Carla Lonzi.
Here is my little confessional selfie

2′, HD, color, 8/16, processed with AE and AR ADOBE AERO, 2020
Mobile shot and edited by Sara Bonaventura

During the COVID19 quarantine, entrenched in my teenager years bedroom,
I dug into my archive and I almost got lost in my diaries of the 90s.
I found my private memories quite disturbing, resonating in me all day long.
Some of those lines, written more than 20 years ago, sound appropriate for this
frozen transition we are all stuck in. Being a videographer with a MA degree on gender studies
and post-feminist art, when I read the call I thought of these diaries.
I wanted to make something confessional. I thought of playing with my avatar, since
I am experimenting with augmented reality these days. The idea is to interview my augmented self,
the one that is not tangible anymore, but still there. It is a dialogue with the ephemeral.
Finding inner peace in the impermanence of nature, camouflaging in this spring we won’t forget.